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Welcome to Providence Baptist Church of San Francisco! Join us on a transformative journey of faith and love, where we believe that cultivating a personal relationship with God allows His boundless love to flow through us as vessels of positive change.


Through this connection, we discover the transformative power of faith, promising an abundant life filled with joy, hope, and purpose.

Pastor Adams profile picture.  Pastor Adams is an middle-aged African-American man with a black and gray beard, wears dark-framed squarish glasses and is wear a blue suit with a bronze earthy-tones silk tie with a buttoned up white shirt.  He has an iWatch on his left wrist.

Reverend Dr. Leroy E. Adams Jr.


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The Black Church

The Black Church

This book is a history of a rich past, a vibrant present, and a promising future particularly within the African American community.

The Black Church book by Leroy E. Adams Jr.

Pre-Order your copy in-person at Providence Baptist Church or order online from Amazon.

By Leroy E. Adams Jr.

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80 Years of Blessings, Together We Thrive.
Celebrate with us and support our mission for generations to come.

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