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Providence Baptist Church of San Francisco Contact Information


Address: 1601 McKinnon Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124-2152

Telephone: 415-641-8719

Fax: 415-641-0775




Board of Deacons

Deacon John F. Smith, Chairman 510-882-2962

Deacon Petty Randall, Assistant Chairman 415-407-6649


Church Office 415-641-8719

Board of Trustees

Eva White, President 415-760-4540

Dr. Ophelia Clark-Person, Vice President 415-641-8719

Church Secretary

Janet Thomas 415-641-8719


Van Ministry

Sister Etta Holt, Chairperson 415-861-7252

Board of Christian Education

Sister Eunice P. Jones, Director 415-826-9609

Christian Counseling Ministry

Sister Annette Taylor 650-359-2615

Fellowship Committee

Sister Rosie Smith, Chairperson 510-569-2697

Scholarship Committee

Sister Michelle Davis, Chairperson 415-225-6840

Providence Foundation of San Francisco

Administrative Information 415-206-0263

Program Information 415-642-0234

Deacons, Ministers Wives & Widows

Sister Marilyn Randall, President 650-756-6972

Men's Ministry

Herman Mitchell, President 415-641-8719

Women's Ministry

Kimberly Evans 415-641-8719

Singles Ministry

Rev. Timothy E. Gray, Director 415-821-7590

Ushers and Nurses Ministry

Sister Francine Hookfin, President 415-810-5916

Sunday School Ministry

Adult Division Superintendent 

Deacon Donald Whiteside, 415-697-8797

Youth Division Superintendent

Sister Mary L. Red, 415-822-9157

Music Ministry

Brother Kenneth Young, Director 415-350-6064

Sister Apryle Reed, Church Musician

Voices of Providence Choir

Imani Voices of Praise Choir

Male Chorus

Juniorette Choir

Praise Team

Sister Stephanie Duncan, Director of Juniorette Choir 650-325-8811

Health Ministry

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