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Acts 6:1-6
Biblically, deacons were selected to attend to the needs of the widows and orphans. Today, the Deacons humbly serve the congregation as well as assist the pastor.


Board of Christian Education
This ministry promotes and imparts Christian knowledge and the spiritual growth and development of its members and leaders. Each ministry leader serves on the Board.


Bible Study ~ Baptist Training Union ~ Sunday School ~ Vacation Bible School
II Timothy 2:15
These ministries represent the teaching arm of the Church, providing biblical instruction on how we are to walk with God here on earth. The Bible states teachers are called and anointed by the Holy Spirit, engage in prayer and meditation, as guided by the Holy Spirit and evidenced by the teacher's ability to "rightfully divide the word of truth." Teachers encourage and challenge students through homework, questions, and discussions about daily scripture passages.


Children's Church
On third and fourth Sundays during 10:45 a.m. worship, children ages 3 to 11 learn how to pray, praise, and worship God.


Women's Ministry
Our mission is to grow spiritually by studying, teaching, and obeying God's word; by reaching the women of Providence through love, encouragement, support, and fellowship; and to help others by expanding our internal and external outreach projects.


Men's Ministry
Romans 12:1-2
Our men strive for spiritual development, maturity in faith, stewardship, and responsibility to become leaders in homes, churches, and communities. They meet every second Saturday of the month.


Music Ministry
The Bible states that we are to "continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise," Hebrews 13:5. Music is a unique way to express our love, thanks, and praise to God. It is an integral part of our worship and ministries. We strive to offer Him our best.


Praise Dance Ministry
Psalm 150:1-6
Three dance groups artistically demonstrate praise and adoration to Jesus Christ. The ages of Joshua Generation are 5 to 12; Rejoice dancers are 13 to 18, and Everlasting begins at 19.


Prison Ministry
II Corinthians 5:17 and Philippians 3:13
The Word of God frees those who are bound. A call to change through Jesus Christ is a call to true freedom. Those in recovery and prison can learn through scriptures on how to be delivered from anger, alcohol, caffeine, compulsivity, depression, gambling, illegal and prescription drugs, physical and verbal abuse, sexual promiscuity, and violence. Members of this ministry volunteer county jails, as well as state and federal prisons.


Benevolence Ministry
This ministry offers financial aid to members of the congregation who seek assistance with basic day-to-day needs.


Ushers and Nurses' Ministry
Psalm 84:10
Our "doorkeepers" warmly greet, give programs, fans and lead or verbally direct worshippers to pews or seats. Our nurses are to assist those that may feel unwell. Both will courteously serve, causing everyone to feel a part of our church family.


Children and Youth Ministries
1 Peter 2:9
The purpose of our Children and Youth Ministries is to plant wholesome seeds of knowledge at an early age. The gospel of Jesus Christ is precious, with everything necessary for our children and youth to grow into spiritually healthy Christian adults. A group of dedicated disciples teach children and youth about God and Jesus Christ, how to pray from their hearts, how to use their Bibles, render praise and worship, and learn life application lessons to enable them to make Christ-like choices.


Mothers' Ministry
Titus 2:3-10
Our older women are to teach, guide, and help everyone with sound doctrine. 


Van Ministry
Luke 14:21
Presently, the van drivers transport members who reside in the city to and from 10:45 a.m. worship and some special events.


Dinner for Shelter Guest
The purpose of this ministry is to provide a nourishing meal, love and encouraging words to the men, women, and familiesspending the night in the shelters. It consists of volunteers from several community churches, sororities, families, and auxiliaries of Providence Baptist Church, who form teams of three to eight members with each team serving a meal one day per month.


Health Ministry

The purpose of the Health Ministry is to educate the congregation and community on how to make better healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their overall health and well-being. Its goal is to inform members of simple ways it can improve diet, eating habits and incorporate exercise into their daily lifestyle. The ministry sponsors Health Talks, guest speakers, workshops, tasting parties, exercise classes, etc. The department consists of members who represent various church auxiliaries.


Christian Counseling Ministry

Christian Lay-Counselors called to help heal God's hurting people work with people to explore issues of concern to develop and reach their goals. Sessions use Biblical principles to support movement toward a more Christ-centered life. We welcome all people seeking help for:


·       Changing a behavior pattern which no longer works

·       Struggling with an addiction

·       Improving or reconnecting a broken relationship

·       Enriching a current relationship

·       Feeling depressed or lonely

·       Exploring one's spiritual life

·       Grieving a loss

·       Setting priorities

·       Challenges with parenting issues


There is no charge for counseling services. Crisis counseling is not available.

Scholarship Ministry
The Scholarship Ministry provides monetary awards to graduating high school seniors of Providence Baptist Church of San Francisco who demonstrate academic excellence and rigor while simultaneously participating in worship services and the teaching ministries of the Church.

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